A-Ma Alchemy of Love by Nataša Pantović

A-Ma Alchemy of Love

If you are Interested in to mysticism, methaphysics, natural science, theosophy, spirituality, inner-development, esoteric or occult teachings, ancient alchemy, tantra, inspirational writings, and New Consciousness, A-Ma will be your cup of tea.

A-Ma explores the magic of Human Alchemy.  The novel explores the alchemy quest of: preparation, transformation and initiation as an underlining methods of self-development of an individual and humanity.

Main Message

The book's main theme is an Alchemical Transformation, the Alchemy of Soul. THis Methaphysical and Visionary Fiction set in the Ancient Worlds explores our innate quest to find the gold within, discovering Lapis that transforms metals into gold comparing the Esoteric Christianity of the Age of Enlightenment of Jesuit Priests with Taoism of Ancient China. 

This is an exploration journey of Lilith, our Subconsciousness,discovering the secret bond we have created during the hundreds of life-times on Earth, the bond of consciousness and suffering.  

Will Ruben manage to break this bond and enter into the world of transformation discovering his own divine potential?  Will love that guides him?  Will Ama manage to break the matrix of habits, thoughts and patterns that surrounds them?  Will human society manage to shred the veil of dogmas that encircles it, or will the forces of Dark Ages be stronger?  Will Ama be prosecuted as a witch?

Who is Ama?

Meet Ama, an African Alchemist, Goddess, a Guru, a lover, a story-teller that inspires and gathers artists, preachers, priests, philosophers from all around the world within magic settings of her coffee house.

Born in the midst of 17th century Macao, Ama is surrounded with an amazing blend of Chinese, Portuguese and Africans practicing various rituals, believing in vast amount of Gods, and truths, offering her an alchemy pot for the highest practice ever known, the alchemy of humanity, creating an energy matrix that changes the lives of generations to come.

Living at the time of strong religious clashes and dogmas, and the scientific revolution, Ama and her father De-Nobille join the fight of the enlightened minds for the establishment of the New World.  Ruben, a Portuguese Jesuit priest that came to China to convert the Chinese into Christians, meeting Ama, enters into the world of tantra, spiritualinner transformation, and enlightenment.

We are taken into a historical journey, following the lives of Macao's spiritual elite: the Dutch attack to Macao, on the 24th of June 1622, the Reform of the Chinese Calendar during 1630s, Father Schall’s Appointment to the Chinese Board of Mathematicians (during 1650s), the Witches Hunt, the great Earthquake are all viewed from the magical place of Ama's coffee house.

A-Ma gives us a glimpse of how some prominent historical events of the time fit into the matrix of heavens. 

A-Ma explores the magic of human alchemy

Over thousands of years western civilization has developed in a completely different direction from the eastern one.  Chinese philosophical thought is at the time of its peak.  Interspersed with graphic sketches of life in Europe and Macao in 16th century, this work presents a historic and imaginative fable of the Chinese & Portuguese way of life within this little settlement that at the time might have been the center of spiritual progress and change into the Age of Reason. 

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Product Details

  • Paperback: 244 pages
  • Publisher: Art of 4 Elements; 1 edition (March 16, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9995754193
  • ISBN-13: 978-9995754198
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches
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My dear followers of Life this is the reaction I got to my article: Witch Hunts in Europe. How religious fanatics declared War against Women 300 years ago. Remembering the Horror of the 17th Century Witch Burning Times...  My peace obeying nature removed the surname of the person who made this horrifying comment... I still wonder was I right... <3

Wayne Turmel in an interview with Nuit - Spirituality and Historical Fiction with Nataša Pantović Nuit

I think that historical fiction is a great way of asking the important questions in life, don’t you?  

Yes, using historical fiction, my major question to the audience was: How much of our thoughts, feeling or insights are truly ours and how many of them repeat within the various historical settings on Earth, throughout the centuries. Within our own spiritual journeys the major question is our eternal addiction to suffering (in my story this is the voice of Lilith). Can we let it go? Can we live our highest potential? Can we open to Love?

What is it about that time period or character that intrigued you and motivated you to write about it?

I was triggered by Giordano Bruno’s writings and his drive to change the existing “dogmatic” structure within the science and religion of his time. Trying to prove that the Earth is not at the center of our  Universe, placing humans at the periphery of Gods attention, shook the essence of our Adam and Eve story, our story of Jesus, our promises of Heaven and Hell, and has threatened to undermine our Religious and Political foundations. Entering the Age of Reason and Age of Enlightenment from the long period of darkness, fighting so many “demons” must have inspired many enlightened souls and their “revolutionary” spirit and works: Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Galileo Galilei, to name just a few.

Now, imagine living during these times, imagine the 16th and 17thcentury China, being in the shoes of Jesuit Portuguese Priests who came to convert the Chinese into Christianity and for the first time truly met the wealth and depth of this most amazing culture…

Why China you may ask? I found it most intriguing that China had a compass and gun powder centuries before they came to Europe. Did you know that they possessed the most advanced Navy, yet they always focused on the trade with their neighbors, never went into frantic invasions of other continents. Reading about holocausts committed all around the world by Colonists powers around different continents (American Indians slaughter, Australian Aboriginals destruction, or crimes against New Zealand Maoris) all gave me an insight about how unfair was our world, and difficult our fight for justice, better world, and freedom. Within A-Ma we follow insights and subtle energy battles following lives of a group of enlightened souls who understood the prime importance for West and East wisdom sharing.

Without giving away spoilers, what’s your favorite scene in the book?

It is the setting of my story.

The world without a coffee or a tea shop was also our reality, not such a long time ago. The books were kept within the cellars of privileged, with an access only to the few. Various Monasteries were great for studying, however going out of their walls, there were a few places where people could gather to discuss life and philosophy. Coffee or tea shops mushroomed during this time, each one of them having similar setting where all classes are mixed and each could afford this inexpensive cup of delicious liquid. They were called “Penny Universities”, they gathered artists, philosophers, time-wasters, actors, poets. This became a natural setting of my story, Ama’s coffee house in Macao, at the edge of China. Ole within its walls gathered all sort of researchers.